Read When His Eyes Opened Chapter 502
Read When His Eyes Opened Chapter 502

Read When His Eyes Opened Chapter 502

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Shea and Layla walked out of the living room to the villa’s front door. Elliot glanced at them, then approached in long strides.

“Layla has to go to school now, Shea. I’ll take you home,” he said as he arrived in front of Shea. Shea nodded, then said softly, “I already apologized to Layla, Big Brother. You should, 2c too.”

Elliot crouched down, then gazed at Layla’s face that was the spitting image of Avery and said gently, “I’m sorry, Layla. Not only was I late last night, I even made you sad. I’d like to explain everything to your8c mother.”

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At this point, he asked, “Do you know where your mother went?” When Elliot asked the bodyguard regarding Avery’s whereabouts earlier, he had kept his lips sealed and refused to reveal5d it.

As Layla looked closely at Elliot’s face, the nervousness that she felt slowly subsided. He may be a dirtbag, but he was also verygf handsome.

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 502

“Of course I know where Mommy went,” Layla said confidently as she lifted her chin at him.” I have to go to school now, so I can’t talk to you anymore. I won’t be late like you!”

Her double entendre left Elliot feeling embarrassed andaa helpless. Layla clenched her tiny fists and basked in her glory.

In truth, she had no idea where her mother was. Avery was already gone by the time she woke up. She tempted Elliot on purpose as a little form of punishment.

Elliot stood up, then glanced at Shea and said, “Let’s go home.” Shea nodded regretfully. As he drove out of the Starry River neighborhood, Elliot dialed Mike’s number.

Mike answered the call very quickly. Where did Avery go, Mike? Don’t tell me she’s back at the office.” Elliot decided to send Shea home, then go and look for Avery. He needed to know Avery’s whereabouts as soon as possible.


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