Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 2 Sub English

Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 2 Sub English

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So far, the fantasy anime has gotten off to a very funny start, however as the trope of the main characters being transported from earthly life to magical life is somewhat exaggerated, fans need something more than the premise to keep going. Anyway, it might be interesting to see where this goes.

If you’re thinking of giving this a try, keep reading! Below you’ll find the admin’s handy guide to in another world Episode 2 including its release date and time, and more.

Based on a light novel of the same name, Drugstore in Another World follows Reiji, a young man who is transported in another world.

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Synopsis Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 2 Sub English

After losing his younger sister to an incurable disease, world-renowned medical researcher Kanji Yakutani gives everything to cure the patient by dedicating his life to creating new medicines.

After working until his death at the age of 31, the former pharmacist woke up as a 10-year-old boy whose body was struck by lightning.

He discovers that he has been reincarnated into the medieval world as Falma, a child of the revered de Medicis family.

In a world where there is magic given through the blessings of the Guardian Gods, Falma realizes that his body is the medium of the protective god of Medicine.

The boy has been given the mythical god arts of creation and reduction as well as the ability to instantly diagnose diseases in the human body.

He soon discovered the terrible state of Medicine in that world, only nobles could afford medical treatment, which was at best ineffective and at worst detrimental.

Using modern knowledge and divine powers, Falma gradually made a name for himself as an apothecary despite his young age, even gaining recognition from the imperial court.

When he finally established his own pharmacy, he began to pursue his goal of improving health care in the San Fleuve Empire and making it accessible to everyone.

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